Nihongo no Hon: 黄

The grammar book for beginners looking to improve their Japanese. The Yellow Book will take you further on your language learning journey. JLPT N5 and CEFR A1

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This is "にほんご の ほん" which will help you understand the Japanese grammar through plenty of rich example sentences with concise instructions in English developed through interactions with students, developed over many years of teaching.

Lesson 13

Learn about timeframes and asking friends out.

Lesson 14

A deeper dive into using verbs and using ‘to give’ and ‘to receive’ correctly.

Lesson 15

Japanese counters and how to use the different kinds of markers.

Lesson 16

‘More than’ and making comparisons.

Lesson 17

A new verb structure, the て・けい or て-form.

Lesson 18

Using the て-form to talk about permission, prohibition, and state.

Lesson 19

Chaining て-form verbs and ます-form verbs into longer sentences.

Lesson 20

A new verb structure, the ない・けい or な い-form.

Lesson 21

Yet another new verb structure, the じしょ・け い or ろ-form.

Lesson 22

Using the た・けい or た-form. Or past casual.

Lesson 23

Tying it all together with ‘I think’ and ‘I guess’

Lesson 24

Begining with the casual form.

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This is the continuation of the Red Book Nihongo no Hon (The Japanese Book) series and is built to build your knowledge and introduce more ways to improve your conversation technique.

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Counter Chart

Learn the different ways to count things in Japanese. Flat things, round things, paper things, all the things!

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