Beginner Japanese

Key Information

Duration: 10 Weeks

Attendance Mode: Online, 90 minute sessions

This course mainly focuses on helping learners to prepare for their further Japanese language learning by providing basic knowledge of Japanese and skills. This characteristic is particularly evident in Terms three and four. These are quite unique learning contents that are rarely found in other Japanese language schools. These classes are taught mostly in Japanese. However, there is no strict Japanese-only rule.

The beginner course consists of 4 terms:

Term 1

The aim of the first term is for learners to be able to make small talk with others in very basic and simple Japanese.

Term 2

The aim of the second term is for learners to be able to communicate in simple Japanese with Japanese people, such as strangers, shop assistants and servers, when they travel to Japan.

Term 3

The aim of the third term is for learners to be able to understand the general concept of yakuwarigo and how it used in everyday conversations.

Term 4

The aim of the fourth term is for learners to be able to recognise their learning environment outside the classroom and consider how they can use it.

Enrolment is considered at the start of Term 1 or Term 3. Term 3 is very unique term. If you miss the term, you may struggle in the following terms.

The course consists of 4 Terms over 10 calendar weeks. Week 9 is a Final Task and Week 10 is an oral interview.

Each group class is approximately 90 minutes.

For more information about the course price, and placement, please enquire.